Mat Care Instructions


After every practice (particularly after a sweaty one), wipe the FLY LDN mat with a wet soft sponge or towel. Hang the mat to dry completely.

For a deeper cleaning (about every 10 uses or when you feel it necessary), you can use a very small amount of non-oil based soap (like soft dish soap) or white vinegar very diluted in warm water. Simply wipe your mat gently with this solution with soft sponge or towel and rinse it. Do not soak the mat with too much solution. Hang the mat to dry completely.



Our mats must be rolled with the top layer outside. It’s important you roll it that way so that your mat can keep its natural shape and can be unrolled properly and remains flat on the floor.

Please let your mat completely dry before rolling and storing it. If you are attending a class in studio, wipe it if you can, roll it up and as soon as you get home, unroll it and hang it to let it dry.

Please avoid sun exposure as much as possible. 



Just unroll the mat wherever you feel like practising! For a better practice, try to find a clean and flat floor.
Avoid to apply oily cream or solution just before using the mat as it will mark your mat.
To enjoy the full benefits of the no-slip and sweat-wicking top surface, we recommend to use the mat barefoot.



Rolling and storing a mat that is wet
Soaking the mat with too much cleaning solution
Using abrasive sponges and towels
Cleaning with abrasive products, oil-based solution or essentials oils.
Rolling the mat with bottom layer outside.